Tangier, the white city, is a city of exchange, cosmopolitan, mythical and rich in history. Located in the north of Morocco, it is ideally positioned in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean located on the Strait of Gibraltar less than 15 km from the Spanish coast. It has a unique and strategic geographical location: at the crossroads between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, between the West and the East, it is a real gateway between Europe and Africa.

This exceptional and strategic location has made Tangier a coveted place for many civilizations. In fact, the different cultures have left a unique mark on the architecture of the city. Tangier has all the assets to regain its former status.


The port reconstruction project is a unique opportunity to rebuild the city – port relationship. Tanja Marina Bay, the Kingdom’s first urban marina, is naturally based on the exceptional geographical location and cultural wealth of the pearl of the strait.

The heritage of Tangier city, being very rich, a special attention was given to the preservation and restoration of the heritage adjoining the port: walls, borjs, old doors and access ramps to the medina, etc.