Public areas

The project envisions the construction and development of several public areas built for various

Bab Almarsa Square

This square will house green spaces, boardwalks, as well as cultural, tourist, NGOs or festive activities. Moreover, it is destined to receive parade boats and will be able to propose official events. It will have an area of 8 hectares and will be located at the entrance of the port at the Renschausen buildings, of the old railway station and the Borj of Dar Elbaroud.


The Large Square

Located between the marina basin and cruises, it has a panoramic view on the sea and the medina. With an area of 5 hectares, this square is ideal for walks by the sea and for hosting events of great affluence.


The Peninsula Square

Featuring boardwalks as well as dining and entertainment venues, the square spans an area of 2 hectares along the protective dike of the marina. The design is innovative, for it represents the deck of a boat.


The Mosque Square

This Square, which extends over of an area of 1.5 hectares, will harbour the great mosque, among others. This is the first space that cruise tourists will visit upon landing at the port. It will be located next to the area dedicated to fishing.
The port of Tangier built the largest mosque in the city. It is three times larger than the old mosque of the port and has an imposing minaret. The mosque is located near the fishing port.