Fishing in Tangier is a historic activity. As the fishing port is currently saturated, the project has envisioned an overall improvement of the system in place. The former location of the fishing port was surely an obstacle to an optimal reconstruction of the port: in addition to the hygiene constraints, there was the problem of the people and vehicles flows management caused by the activity. The current port cannot offer an optimal conversion. Also, a new basin, located at the level of the present port, was built to remove the constraints.

The new fishing port was built not only to address these problems but also to ensure a new optimal space. Likewise, it helps improve the working conditions; hence, offering professionals new modern facilities to meet all their needs. The fishing port is leaned against the main pier and has 1,900 linear meters of docks, 13 hectares of land and 13 hectares of basin, which is 3 times larger than the old port.

Panorama 01-06-2016

In short, this new fishing port provides an optimal working tool for fishing professionals and will allow a better development of the fishing sector in the region.